Agrimin Joint Venture

By collaborating with Newhaul, Agrimin can help to contribute to their vision, to make a positive impact on some of the country’s most remote Aboriginal communities through the creation of opportunities and sustainable economic development.   Mark Savich – CEO & Executive Director Agrimin

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A partnership built to last the life of the mine.




tonne per annum



mine to port


return trips p/a assuming 120t loads


local jobs

Further details about the project

Hauling over a distance of 980km from one of the most remote parts of Australia has its challenges. However, one of the biggest challenges facing communities in the east Kimberly is long-term sustainable employment.

To maximise employment opportunities for local people, Newhaul will be establishing a driver training academy, providing career pathways for young people and upskill training to the existing workforce ready for the commencement of haulage in 2023 ensuing maximum local participation.