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Kickstart Academy.

The world’s first multi combination driving simulator.

Newhaul, together with our partners, place a strong focus on contributing to the development of local people as well as supporting sustainable community initiatives that surround them. Our Joint Ventures are long-term providing a platform to establish our training academies ensuring jobs and opportunities for the local communities in which we operate.

Kickstart’s Purpose

Our mission is to create significant and sustainable career pathways via training programs and employment opportunities, to inspire local communities with what is possible. Our innovative and holistic training syllabus, along with world-leading technology such as our latest Truck Simulator. Kickstart Academy takes learning experiences to the next level, whilst providing a more robust and safer training experience.

Creating Career Pathways

Creating Career Pathways

Enhanced Training

Enhanced Training

Inspiring Local Communities

Inspiring Local Communities

Kickstart Offers Two Training Pathways

Driver Upskill

Upskill driver training to existing local mature aged workforce to a Multi Combination (MC) license.

Youth Traineeship

A paid Driver Traineeship for youth aged between 18 – 20 years who have completed year 12 and have a C class driver’s license.


East Kimberley

Coming Soon

Kickstart Academy Locations


The first Kickstart Training Academy was established in Geraldton in January 2022 to service the Fenix-Newhaul Joint Venture.

East Kimberly

Coming soon to the East Kimberly region to service Newhaul’s Joint Venture with Agrimin for its Lake Mackay Potash project.

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