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It’s logistics re-imagined.

And we’re moving
Forward Together.

What We Do

We collaborate to bring an in-house haulage capability to your business to improve flexibility, share resources, build a better community and most importantly to lower costs.

A partnership where you’re in control

Reduce Management Time

Innovate Together


Build a Better Community

Reduce Hauling Costs

Our Model

The spirit of the collaborative approach.

We’re partners working together, each bringing unique strengths and capabilities to the table. We help drive your success at every opportunity with the support from our knowledgeable team, leading technology and innovation throughout our journey.

Joint Ventures

Rewarding Haulage

Our haulage partnerships are collaborative initiatives that have been designed to build better communities as well as provide long-term certainty. With Newhaul’s experience as a trucking operator, together we establish world-class logistics capability for our partners.

Making A Difference

Building better communities

Newhaul partnerships have a strong focus on community and proactively contributing to sustainable initiatives. We also provide ongoing future-ready training for people in the local communities we operate in, by:

  • Identifying the training and employment needs.
  • Supporting local community initiatives.
  • Upskilling future drivers, through our Kickstart Training Academy
  • Providing cutting-edge technology, such as Advanced Driver Simulators.

A non traditional partnership, where you’re in control.

Open, honest, dedicated and decisive.

It’s logistics
reimagined and we’re moving in one direction.