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Newhaul Excellence

Driven by Excellence

Excellence inspires us every day to improve efficiencies, promote transparency, reduce costs, innovate together and build better communities. It flows through our team, our state-of-the-art facilities, training programs and even the way we present our fleet.

Newhaul is determined to do things better. Successful transport businesses of the future will be those that think differently about human, social and environmental capital and who are able to maximise use of existing and emerging technologies.

Mark Wisniewski

Head of Assets & Maintenance

Leading Edge Workshops

Our workshops reflect Newhaul’s commitment to preventative maintenance, ensuring the safety of our drivers and road users. Our workshop facilities showcase the latest in technology including roller break & suspension play testers. We also provide individual mobile air conditioners to keep our technicians cool.

Safer with Zero Harm

Compliance and safety are always front and centre for Newhaul - Chain of Responsibility (CoR) and Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) compliance within Newhaul is a core competency. We go above and beyond to ensure that our policies, procedures and systems are forever compliant.

Technology & Innovation

At Newhaul, we recognise that technology is a critical component of our business and are committed to investing in the latest innovations to stay ahead of the curve. From our world first driving simulator, operational dashboards and processes, digitising our workshop and leveraging AI with a deep understanding of our data, we are constantly inspiring excellence.

Our strategy is simple – be relentlessly forward thinking & leverage cutting-edge technology to increase efficiency, enhance employee & customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Carlo Fardella

Head of IT Operations & Business Transformation

A Considered Training Philosophy

We understand the importance of our people and the community, that’s why Newhaul’s training is dedicated to:

Training for impact

Training for the future

Developing Newhaul’s (and the wider community’s) people

Relentless Forward Thinking

As our industry continues to evolve, Newhaul is constantly looking for newer and better ways to do things:

We are flexible and always adapting

We are open to new ideas and embrace change for the better

We invest in the future with technology that drives innovation

We make decisions that reflect our values and benefit our people and our business

The values that drive us each day

We’re an open book
and tell it like it is
We work best when we
work together, and we take responsibility for our
We avoid
We’re always evolving,
looking forward to how
we can do things better
We’re all about making a positive impact on our
people, our communities,
and our environment

A non traditional partnership, where you’re in control.

Open, honest, dedicated and decisive.

It’s logistics
reimagined and we’re moving in one direction.