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Our Story

We’re reimagining

the partnership model

What if your logistics company was a partnership?
A partnership where you are in control.
Open, honest and decisive.
Driving change for your company.
And the community in which it operates.
With different thinking and strong collaboration, it’s all possible.
Let us show you the way we can move Forward Together.

In creating Newhaul, I wanted to build something future focused. Unconstrained from existing business models and enabling exceptional talent who are energised, empowered, and committed to making a difference. We are determined to deliver a meaningful contribution to our partners, and our communities.

Craig Mitchell

Founder & CEO

About Us

A different kind of logistics

Craig's passion for trucking started way back in 1980, washing trucks on school holidays at his father's business, a Mobil fuel distributor in Geraldton. In 1997 he left the family business to start his own, Mitchell Corp, building it into one of Australia's leading bulk logistics companies until its sale to Toll group in 2011. Throughout his journey Craig experienced many of the challenges traditional hire and reward contractors and their clients often come up against in managing large haulage contracts. It was these challenges and the desire to find a more collaborative way for contractors and clients to engage, that led Craig to launch Newhaul.

How We Do It

Forward Together with
transparency and flexibility.

We collaborate with you, sharing the resources and the rewards along the way. We employ the best people for each role, and our focus on leadership, efficiencies, transparency, flexibility and the community ensures that we deliver a considered and sustainable haulage advantage to all of our partners.

Our Joint Ventures become rewarding partnerships, prosperous collaborations that are built to last.

A non traditional partnership, where you’re in control.

Open, honest, dedicated and decisive.

It’s logistics
reimagined and we’re moving in one direction.