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Agrimin Joint Venture

“It is clear that we share the same vision of working with regional communities to create local job opportunities for more than 100 people in relation to the haulage of Agrimin’s potash. We are confident that the joint venture arrangement can deliver significant reductions in costs and risks over the life of our project, when compared to a traditional contracting model. In addition, we believe partnering with an experienced trucking operator will ensure that our haulage will be undertaken in a safe, efficient and low-cost manner.”

Mark Savich

CEO & Executive Director Agrimin

A partnership built to last the life of the mine.

Hauling over a distance of 980km from one of the most remote parts of Australia has its challenges. However, one of the biggest challenges facing communities in the east Kimberley is long-term sustainable employment.

To maximise employment opportunities for local people, Newhaul will be establishing another driver training academy, providing career pathways for young people and upskill training to the existing workforce ready for the commencement of haulage in 2025 ensuing maximum local participation.




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Local jobs

A non traditional partnership, where you’re in control.

Open, honest, dedicated and decisive.

It’s logistics
reimagined and we’re moving in one direction.